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Busy busy bees! October is so busy for us with all the birthday parties and Halloween/Fall activities we have planned. For the first week of October, we are working on the letter “O” and the color Orange. We will probably be working with the letter orange all month in the spirit of Halloween, and because Big Sister gets orange and red mixed up since they are so similar. We will also work on the letter “I” and the letter “U” this month. We might work on a fourth letter, but I have not decided on that yet. Of course we will be making tons of Halloween crafts and decorations for the house and for grandparents(they LOVE that stuff!). I will have to put the pictures up in a few days of our recent letter animal crafts. We have had a slight not-enough-memory problem, on my computer, so I have to move a bunch of stuff to my external memory to put new stuff on my computer. Big Sister is so into animals, so we do most of our letter practicing with animal words and pictures to make things more fun. For the letter “O” we made and owl, and we are doing octopus writing practice printables. Here in Houston, the leaves are just now starting to turn yellow and orange so we are finally going to start our fall activities. (In my opinion, it is no fun to do fall nature activities with green leaves.) We also have Big Sisters birthday party planned for this weekend! She loves fairies, her favorite is Vidia, so she asked for a fairy birthday party. We have a few boys coming to the birthday party, so I don’t think we will be doing any fairy activities at the party. Actually, I am not really sure what we are going to do, but I do have all the decorations purchased and the food planned. I just have to find a dress for Big Sisters party, she requested a pretty dress(not a skirt or a tutu, it must be a dress). We have a lot going on, but I hope to get some pictures up in just a few days. Thanks for stopping by! What do you have going on this month?