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With all of my research for home school and toddler activities, I have found a ton of new things I want to make. I also had a few things that I have made recently that I had not been able to share yet. Here is what has been going on in my workshop:

1. Thanks to Anna at The Imagination Tree for sharing her idea of Fairy Dust. Big Sister and I are practicing letters and this is one way to practice letters with a fun twist. When Big Sister sees this I know she will love it because she is obsessed with fairies right now. I made purple and pink fairy dust with pink glitter.








2. I also dyed noodles for lacing practice. I have seen these at many blogs and I believe I got the idea from a book I bought, I do not remember which book at the moment. I wanted Big Sister to lace beads, but they are so tiny and Husband is not a fan of teeny-tiny things and with Little Guy scooting every where, we want to be careful of what ends up on the floor during play. When I saw these giant noodles, I knew I had to dye them for Big Sister. They will be easier for her to hold until she learns how to lace them better, and Husband will not have to worry about little pieces all over. I colored ours pink, purple, and blue for right now. We might make a few more colors later if I can find a different kind of large pasta.








3. I also finished most of Big Sisters peg dolls. I had originally painted 16, but 4 of the little men looked sort of weird after I painted ties on them. I think I saw a pin about these little wooden dolls and I loved them instantly. I tried to finish them by Christmas, but with Little Guy on the way and my other projects they were done in February. Big Sister loves all her little dolls and they are just big enough that Husband didn’t freak out when he saw them.








4. This little chicken….is so cute! I found a pin which I followed to The Imagination Tree again, who gave instructions for an easy and fun game for toddlers. She also had a link for the instructions for the little chicken bean bag her daughter uses for the game. When I saw these I knew I would be making them in every color I have. They are super easy to make and Big Sister loves the first one I made her. She and Husband played with the chicken for a while and then she asked for chickens in every color! So I had to make a bunch more, I love how they turned out.








5. I also made a popsicle stick puzzle for Big Sister. I got the idea for the puzzle here(scroll down a bit and the pictures will take you to the instructions on a different blog, but I just saw the picture and guessed how to make them myself), and decided to make a fairy puzzle since Big Sister loves Tinkerbell and friends. It was super easy to make. You will need some big popsicle sticks, any picture your child would like, glue, tape, and an exacto knife. I mod-podged my sticks after I cut them apart just to keep the picture clean and help keep it attached to the sticks, but that was just my preference. The picture still looks really good after being sliced up.








I am working on more stuff and hope to be able to share them with you soon!