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A few weeks ago, Husband and I came up with the BRILLIANT plan to turn a large part of our garage into a room. Our house is not very big and our attached garage is a big underutilized space.  (It is considered a two-car garage, if you are the proud owner of two smart cars, which we are not.) We have the regular house repair tools and lawn equipment in the garage, but not much else. We thought about putting the kids in the same room, but Big Sister has a ton of toys and is used to her own space and Little Guys current room would be kind of small for our playroom/school room idea. So we cleaned out the garage, got rid of a ton of junk, and made plans for our new room. We had a slight glitch in our plan, right after Husband put the frames up for the room, we remembered that we might need a permit for the work we were doing. Husband solved that problem pretty quickly though and got a $30 permit at the county office. So he set off again and got the sheet rock up, the wall taped/floated, and the wall painted and then my car started acting up. Now a week and a half has gone by and no construction. We were hoping to get this done in a month, but with one car out of commission, I am not sure when it will be finished. As soon as the room is done, I will post plenty of pictures. Until then, we are stuck doing school activities in our living room. Hope you have a great day!

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