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I cannot believe September is here! This has been such a busy summer. We have a few birthdays we celebrate over the summer months as well as vacations, family reunions, and holidays. It seems like we have something to do every weekend, and just when we thought we would get a break and get to relax, the new school year is already here!

So this school year, we have decided to start home-schooling Big Sister. She is a little young, but we are only introducing her to the idea of school. It’s a way for me to get time with her for something that only she can do, since Little Guy does everything else with us. Right now he just scoots around on the floor, so he probably won’t take part for a while. We are going to start working on letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. She knows a little of each already, but we want to spend more time on these to really get to know them. Now we are not going to put a ton of pressure on her to learn these things either, she will learn them all in her own time, we just want to have fun and learn a little too. She already loves art/crafts supplies so we will be using everything crafty we can get our hands on. Luckily stores put most of the supplies on sell for the school year so we got all new markers, crayons, construction paper, pencils, scissors, and preschool puzzles. We also got more pompoms, paint, chalk, popsicle sticks, glitter, and tons of stickers. I have gone crazy the past few weeks researching fun activities for us to do that are fun and having anything to do with what we want her to learn. It is a little overwhelming how many wonderful resources are out there for homeschooling. I will try to start posting again to give you an update on how we are doing. I will also let you know where we have gotten all of our wonderful projects from. Good luck in the new school year!