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I cannot believe how long it has been since I was last on here.

To update everyone, The Little Guy is here! After many false alarms, he arrived in January, four days late and almost nine and a half pounds! I think he is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, besides Big Sister. Getting used to having two kids in the house, working out a routine and having some sort of norm around our house has been a huge task, but we are getting better everyday.

Big Sister has been so wonderful with Little Guy. We were not sure how she would react to not having our full attention, but we tried to tell her how much fun she was going to have when her brother finally arrived and to tell her what she might expect. She absolutely adores him! She loves to kiss him and touch his little hands and toes. She lets me know he is crying(although we can all hear him, he is a screamer!) and likes to talk to him to calm him down. We did have a little hiccup with potty training after he got here, but only a few small battles and we were back on track. We were also worried about how she would react with Little Guy having a pacifier because she was such a “binky” baby. We didn’t wean her from pacifiers until she was almost two (oops), so we were really hoping she wouldn’t remember them and want them back. Well, she did not remember them! The only other problem we have had is her touching him constantly. She wants to touch his hair, his ears, touch his eyelashes, his mouth, she boops his nose all the time. She really has done better than I expected, and I love to see them together!

Husband has been pretty busy this year as well. He built us a covered patio with a tin roof which I love! We put our old couch out there and have been outside everyday since. He put a gravel pathway in the backyard from our patio to our gate which was about 2 weeks worth of work with it raining every other day this spring. We both had a few problems with our cars, which Husband likes to fix himself so he did tons of auto work before Little Guy got here. He also just fixed my drivers-side window on my car a few weeks ago, which has not worked in four years! You have no idea how nice it is to have a working window until the dumb thing stops working and you have to go to the atm in the rain. On top of the yard/house work, Husband will be graduating this June which is very exciting! We will be glad to have him home every evening instead of him being in school twice a week, and the pay raise is great too!

We are super excited for the warm weather again, and plan on being outside all spring and summer long. I have tons of craft ideas, that hopefully I can get to little by little and update you on as well. We will be exploring teaching ideas for Big Sister to start learning and preparing for school (it is early, but with Little Guy here now, we don’t want to get behind). Also, I hope to share some of the new recipes I have tried out to have a little variety for our dinner menu. I hope all is well with you and if you have any questions or cool things you have found, let me know! :)