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This summer, Husband has been working tons of overtime and decided after four years of being in this house, he wanted to landscape the backyard. We put in one garden box back in March I think, then he wanted a second one that we installed in  May. At the end of July and beginning of August we decided to add bushes and the playground! I was very excited about having a playground in our backyard; 1. because the closest park has a nice playground, but the equipment is for older kids, and 2. because we like to spend all day in our pajamas so a playground in our backyard is perfect for us.

We got the plans for our playground from my father-in-law, who also built a playground in his backyard for Big Sister. What was only supposed to take a few days to build, actually took about 2 weeks because on the first day of construction, Husband smashed his thumb on his left hand which made work for him twice as hard(his thumb was throbbing for days and he is left-handed). Anyway, he finally finished and besides the staining, Big Sister was ready to play on her new swing, slide, and a sandbox.

The New Playground

She loves the new playground! We like to swing in the morning when its cool and play in the sandbox in the afternoon. Husband also likes to push Big Sister in the swing while I cook dinner. Usually I catch him swinging in the other swing and they sing songs together which is so cute! Anyway, for the rest of the backyard, we planted a Key Lime Tree and a Clementine Tree. For the bushes, we picked out Dwarf Bottle Brushes which have beautiful fuzzy red flowers when the bushes bloom. In front of the bushes we planted Mexican Heather and we have the two garden boxes for herbs, vegetables and fruit. So far we have only planted two varieties of tomatoes, chives, sweet basil, peppermint, spearmint, lavender, and a few kinds of perennials and annuals. Next year I would like to plant onion, garlic, cilantro, more tomatoes and maybe cucumber or zucchini. Our backyard has really changed in the past few months, but we do have a few more plans for it. We are going to build a covered, screened in patio and a fire pit in the backyard. We are very close to completing our backyard oasis! :)

Our garden boxes

our fruit trees