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I have not posted on here in so long, I had forgotten that I had a posted in April about planning our second baby. The week after I wrote that post, I found out I was pregnant again! (Woohoo!) We are very excited. And blessed! We also know we are expecting a Boy this time! I am a little nervous because I only have Baby as experience, what am I gonna do with a boy? Although we have known since August that our little Guy is coming, Husband is really dragging his feet on picking a name or even a theme for the room. At first he said he wanted a Texans theme (yes, I mean THE Texans football team, we are from Houston after all, :)), but now he will not confirm that or decide on anything. He keeps saying, “I have plenty of time.” Little Guy is gonna get here soon and Husband will have to get over whatever name and room theme I pick. We are expecting him to be here in Jan 2013 and we cannot wait! :)