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Now is the time, we are thinking about Baby #2. We are not pregnant yet, but there is so much that goes with babies that we are starting now. Baby is going to be two in a few months so we plan on trying for another baby after her birthday. Since we already have a girl, it would be easier if we had another girl because we saved EVERYTHING from when Baby was a baby. I told Husband so start thinking of names because we had such trouble the first time agreeing on names. We did not have any boy names we agreed on and just a few girls names. We are also trying to decide if we want to have another nursery and just leave Baby with her own room. Then once we decide that, we have to pick a room theme for the new baby. Husband said if the second baby is a boy, he wants the room to be ‘Monster truck’ themed. If you remember from earlier pictures, Baby’s room now is animal themed. I am going to start looking up different ideas for names and room themes, we have a lot to think about!