So this is our little garden! As I said in an earlier post, this was our Easter project. I actually bought a few plants the week before Easter and just planned on putting them in a pot, but Husband said he knew I wanted a garden in the future so why not start one now. So we built the box, got soil and a few more plants and the picture below is our result. We planted: banana-peppers, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, chives, cilantro, sweet basil, tickseed, skullcap, and cheddar pinks. We are so excited to watch everything grow and see what we get.







While I was outside taking pictures of the garden, DogBoy was stuck to me like glue. In the picture below DogBoy is thinking – “mom, I know you are eating that yummy chicken you baked last night for lunch, and I was just wondering if you thought this face is cute enough that you would want to give ME some yummy chicken? Huh mom? Can I PAAALEEEEASE have some chicken?”

How could I say no to this face? I couldn’t.

:) Have a good day!