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This weekend was pretty great, a little busy and hectic, but great overall. Husband took me shooting on Saturday, which is something he has been dying to do for a while now. Husband has had this gun, (a pistol i guess, its black, but I don’t have any idea what kind of gun other than I think it takes 40 caliber bullets) for a few years and I have only shot it once before because he refused to leave the shooting range until I did. I was afraid then, guns are scary. I have never liked having the gun in the house, but I did feel a little better just knowing I wasn’t completely unarmed. Please do not worry, Husband has shown me a bunch of times how to use the gun, I just had not actually shot the gun but the one time. So we decided to go on Saturday and I figured, “I have birthed a child before, I should be able to shoot a gun.” So I aimed and I fired. The gun kicks a little, but it wasn’t too bad. So I fired again. And again, and again. It was actually fun trying to learn how to aim the gun better. I definitely need practice, but Husband was super happy that I even wanted to keep going. My hand is killing me today, but shooting the gun and spending time with Husband was a lot of fun.

We also got to spend the rest of Saturday with my parents who just got back into town from being on vacation for almost two weeks. My mom and I took a walk around the neighborhood and took Baby to see the horses and chickens down the street. Baby loves to see animals, even when they are just standing there, she is fascinated. On Sunday, Husband and I put a garden box in our backyard. We built a 5 x 3 box, filled it with soil and bought the plants we want to grow. The process actually took awhile, after 3 hours of hard work and sunburns for both of us, we finished putting the garden in and went out to dinner with the family for easter.

I will put pictures of our little garden up as soon as I get a chance. Hope everyone had a great weekend, now time to get to work! :)