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Houston Astros

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This past weekend has been crazy busy. We got a baby-free night this weekend (woohoo!) so Husband and I got to have a date night! We went to see the Houston Astros play against the Brewers on saturday night. At Minute Maid Park they were giving an Astros jersey to the first 10,000 ticket holders, so we got there early and we both got a free jersey! Then we went and played pool for a little while before the game started. When we finally got to the game, it didn’t go so well so we left a little early (cause we are fair-weather fans.) and we went to dinner at Pappasito’s. We got a huge plate of fajitas and ate about 10 pounds of chips with 20 bowls of salsa. After rolling ourselves to the car, we went to hang out with a few friends and had a drinking game extravaganza. We played: Flip Cup, Beer Pong, Dice, and Circle of Death. I know, it sounds like we are crazy party animals, but this is what happens when you become parents, we hang out at other parent-friends houses and play drinking games and get a little silly off of two beers. And thanks to those few beers we had and staying up after 10pm, we all feel like we are 150 when we get up in the morning. Just like people say, you blink and suddenly your kid is a teenager, well – you blink and suddenly you are old now. We really need to stop doing all this blinking, its bad for our age. Now that we have dragged through the day and put the babies to bed, we are back to work tomorrow. Overall it was a good weekend! Have a great week! :)