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Before: Rocking Chair

I have finally completed Baby’s Rocking Chair! This rocking chair belonged to my sister and I when we were little kids, then it was passed on to my cousin when she was a toddler. My cousin is now eight and had outgrown this little rocking chair a few years ago, but luckily my aunt kept it since it had been ours. We just helped my aunt move into her new house and while moving we noticed the rocking chair. She was very excited to give it back to me because now I have a little girl so she can rock in the same chair that I had. When I got the rocking chair back it needed a little TLC so I got steel wool and mineral spirits and scrubbed the entire chair. Twenty years of dirt, paint and glitter had to be scrubbed off, but now it looks nice and clean again. I decided to keep it as original as possible so I did not paint it. I did have to replace the cushion and skirt on the bottom because it had been stapled to the chair and could not be washed. My aunt did not know what happened to the original top pillow so I had decided to make my own.
I decided to make a pleated skirt like the chair had before, but I had trouble because I did not want anything stapled like it was before. (I want to be able to wash everything!) So I put snaps at all four points where the arms and back meet the base. I chose snaps over velcro so baby won’t figure out they are there and mess with them, plus velcro attracts other things as well. After I got the skirt done, I sewed the cushion cover which can also be taken off. I cut small slits in the cushion where the four pieces meet the base so I could sew ribbon to hold the cushion on. Lastly, I found the tutorial for the ruffle pillow and sewed the ribbon on that to tie on for the top cushion. The rocking chair is as good as new and now Baby can enjoy it! :)

Baby Rocking Chair


rockingchair ruffle pillow


rockingchair skirt


Skirt snaps


Top of skirt under the cushion


Back of the Rocking Chair


Cushion - opening to take cover off the cushion