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Grapes at Torre di Pietra

For my birthday, I planned a girls weekend road trip down the 290 Wine Road in Texas. My Mom, three of my aunts, my younger sister and I went to three wineries and had so much fun. We stayed in a hotel in Fredericksburg right in the center of the shops and restaurants. Here are the places we went in Fredericksburg:

  • Inn on Barons CreekThis is where we stayed while in Fredericksburg. It was a very nice hotel with clean rooms and very good complementary breakfast. Just a block off Main Street, it was close to many shops and restaurants.
  • Grapecreek Vineyards – Was by far the best winery we went to! I highly recommend going to Grapecreek if you are in Fredericksburg, and if not then order their wine online because it is very good! They greeted us right away when we walked in, we paid and were directed to the tasting room where we got a wonderful bartender who was very knowledgeable about the wine and was personable as well. The wine was very good, but they also had a great gift shop at the vineyard with a great spicy mustard and many other yummy treats.
  • Torre di Pietra – This was the second winery we went to. The wine was ok, but the bartender there was also very nice. They also had a large gift shop and the vineyard was beautiful.
  • Becker Vineyards – The finally winery we went to was somewhat of a disappointment. It was very beautiful and they had a large choice of wine, but there were very few bathrooms for such a large winery and they were not very clean. It was also very crowded which is fine, but there was not very much seating for people to wait to do the wine tasting. When we got to the wine tasting, the bartender was not very helpful or very friendly for someone who talks to people all day. I understand people have there bad days, but we had just had lunch so we were not silly like the usual winery-hoppers and we paid to taste wine, but we had trouble getting his attention just to give us the next sample. The wine was very good and I might go back, but I hope the experience is better next time.
  • Hondo’s on Main – For lunch on sunday we stopped by Hondo’s on Main because the reviews were pretty good. Well, the reviews were RIGHT because their food rocks! Two of my aunts and my mom had a burger(three diff burgers) which they said were very good. At Hondo’s they put shredded cheese on your burger instead of a slice and my family said the cheese was surprisingly yummy like that. My third aunt had a chili cheese dog, my sister had a salad and I had a spicy chicken sandwich, which were all yummy as well. We also tried their curly fries and those were soooooo good! The setup of the restaurant is a little crazy because you order at the bar, which can get crowded if the line to order gets long, and then you get a buzzer to pick up your food in a small room off to the side of the dining area. Besides the restaurant being slightly packed when we were there, the food was great and they had a band playing outside on the covered patio which was nice.
  • Silver Creek Beer Garden & Restaurant – We went to Silver Creek on our first night in Fredericksburg. We were all in need of a drink after the long drive from Houston and this was the first place that we got on the phone at 11pm. They had a live band and the beer prices were not too bad. There drinks and shots were on the expensive side, but the bar was open until 2am and the people-watching was great. Fredericksburg has an interesting crowd out at night so if you like live music, dancing, and drinks then I would go to Silver Creek! We did not get to try the food since the kitchen was closed when we got there, but while walking around the next day, we passed by and the food smelled and looked wonderful! The atmosphere was more family friendly at lunch time and the patio outside is a nice size to enjoy people-watching during the day as well.
  • Panda Chinese Japanese and Sushi – This Restaurant is not on the yahoo map or on Fredericksburg’s City website, but if you are in Fred. and you like chinese food, you MUST eat here! We had dinner here for my birthday and their food was so yummy. My Aunts said their Sweet and Sour Soup was very good. My mom and I tried the Epi Tempura roll and it was great as well. We also tried the general tso’s chicken, the chicken lo mein, and the beef in garlic sauce which were yummy, yummy, and just ok. Overall the food was good and the service was great!

We had so much fun going to Fredericksburg and the trip itself was pretty cheap(besides all the wine we bought). If you have been down the 290 Wine Road to the wineries or been to Fredericksburg, tell me how your trip went! :)