Dog Boy Swimming w/ Husband

Dog Boy and friends

This past weekend we took Dog Boy to the Dog Park for the first time. We were a little unsure of how he would react to being around so many big dogs because he had been in fights before, but he did great! We kept him on a leash when we first got there just to see how he would do. He had a few dogs run up to him and he did just fine so we let him off the leash. We usually do not let him off the leash cause he takes off running, but the dog park is secure so we let him roam and tested his dog-training by calling him to make sure he would come back. After we walked around for awhile, we decided to see if he would go for a swim. We took him to the doggie pond where a few other dogs were happily jumping in after tennis balls. Well, Dog Boy would not go willingly. Since he would budge, us being the terrible dog parents we are, we sort of pushed him in. The water was not very deep and he only got his feet wet, but at least we tried. He was not going to swim, but he did walk around with the other dogs like they all had been friends for years. I nearly cried getting to see him walk around with other dogs and be so calm. Baby also had a blast because she loves dogs and the dogs kept coming up to her and licking her feet. We had so much fun at the dog park. If you are ever in northwest Houston with your pooch, check out Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park! :)

Dog Boy takin a break