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This week I am watching my parents dogs, Jamie (Yorkie) and Cody (Peek-a-Poo). So now in my house I have three Dog Boys and a baby (The next BIG movie – Three Dog Boys and a Baby?!?) which makes my small house seem even smaller. Anyway, my Dog Boy does not have very many playdates so when he gets to see other dogs, he goes crazy with excitement.

The Three Amigos

Not only is Shane bigger, he is also the youngest so he still wants to play when he meets other dogs and can be quite terrifying if you are not in the mood to play. Cody and Jamie are mama’s boys and do not appreciate being left at my house so they have not been in a good mood from the start. Nor do they appreciate Shane’s large feet stomping on them, but how do you explain “he does not step on you on purpose” to a dog? So now they do not like to be near Shane. They will not even walk down the hall if he is laying down at the beginning of the hallway, they cry from the other side to be rescued. I was hoping the three of them would become best friends (The Three Amigos!), but no such luck so far. We are only on day two so we will have to see how things are going by the end of the week.