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State Seal of Texas

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Guess what the Texas DPS office gave me for my birthday? I got to stand in line for an hour, butt to gut with a bunch of strangers. Then I got to deal with a crying baby, because who wants to sit around quietly waiting for an hour especially if you have no idea why you are there in the first place. When they finally called my number, I gave THEM $25 to get a new drivers license when the old one looked perfectly good to me. The only upside to this mess was I got to redo my picture. The last picture I took, I had only gone in to change my name when I got married not realizing they would make me take a new picture. I had no makeup on, my hair was in pigtails, and I had a blue tank top on which was the same color as the back ground. Yuck! Luckily that is all over and the next time I can renew online.

Baby and I also went to the library today. I had to print a few documents for the trip I am going on this weekend, but I also HAD to look at the books while I was there. I found a book I have been DYING to read, The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard. If you have not heard of this book, I suggest you check it out on Amazon, it is a suspense novel which I LOVE! Now I must start packing for my trip, we are going away for a girls weekend down the Texas Wine Road! Woohoo!