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Baby's Lamp

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My Lamp

Today Baby and I hit the resale shops again! We finally found a cute lamp for Baby’s room. Baby’s lamp is a robin’s egg blue color with a light weighted metal base for only $3. The lamp can easily be repainted, but I think I might leave it for now. I bought a cheap white shade at Walmart, which was actually twice what the lamp cost me. In total Baby’s lamp cost me $10. While I was looking for Baby’s lamp, I found another lamp with a nickel-finished base with a black shade. I am using a desk lamp for my bed side lamp right now and Husband hates it because he says the desk lamp is too bright. So I decided to get the second lamp I found for my new bedside lamp. I am not sure if I will keep the black shade, but it matches my room right now so for today the shade stays. The second lamp, with the shade, only cost me $5!
The next resale shop we went to did not have as much stuff as the last place, but we did find a few books. I found an Agatha Christie book for me for 50 cents. I got Baby: It’s Me, Hippo! by Mike Thaler and Opposites by National Geographics for $2.50. The books were a little more expensive at this store, but it was a christian resale shop that also helps families in the community.  I think we did pretty good today, have you found any good deals lately?