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For 2011, one of my New Years Resolutions was for Husband and I to work on our marriage. We are not having problems, but marriage takes work and we would like to be happily married to each other for the rest of our lives. (What?….people actually want to do that? I know, it sounds crazy.) So we wanted an activity that we could do together, something to raise our heart rates and get a little sweaty, something fun, so we picked…Tennis!

We went out and bought a couple of tennis racquets and some balls and hit the court on Saturday. We had to agree, mostly for me, that we would play nice and not take score so we could get the hang of it first. My husband played many sports growing up and seems to have a natural ability when it comes to doing just about anything, but even he had to take things slow when we got to playing. I have no tennis playing experience, I know what a tennis racquet and tennis balls are but my tennis expertise stops there. It was quite obvious we have never played tennis before, first because we decided to play around 10:30 am in June in the Texas heat(Can you say scorching hot sun?). Second, if you could have seen us play, you probably would have peed your pants from laughing so hard because we had tennis balls flying everywhere and hardly hit anything back and forth to each other for the first hour we were there. After five balls over the fence and about 1,000 “oops” and “my bad”‘s later, we got better and even hit the ball back and forth for a while. We had fun, we bonded learning how to do something new, and we got a workout which is another one of my resolutions. All in all if you need a fun activity to do with your spouse, I recommend you try Tennis!