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Dr. Seuss Books - $2.00 each


Crawl Ball – $1.99
Husband went to the Astros game today with his dad, so Baby and I went SHOPPING! (He should have known not to leave us alone on the weekend with money in our pockets.) Well lucky for Husband, we only spent $6 plus tax! We were very thrifty and shopped at some local resale shops.
I have been looking for a lamp for Baby’s room and a dresser/desk/bench for our entryway. I do not mind painting or fixing old furniture up and I would like to find a good deal, really something I can get super cheap! Baby and I looked in tons of antique shops without any luck.
Of course Baby is always looking for toys, books, or clothes so she did have some luck today. I was thinking about getting her a Crawl Ball since she just started crawling a few weeks ago, but they are about $13. When I saw this Crawl Ball on the shelf today I was pretty excited. It still had batteries so when I flipped the switch, the Crawl Ball came to life. I am also always looking for books for baby, and I especially love Dr. Seuss books. The two that I found are in good condition and they were only $2 each! That is a steal! The cheapest I have found these exact books was for $9 each, so in total today we saved about $25! Baby and I do not mind previously owned toys and books because we hope that just like in Toy Story 3, these items were loved and passed on to other children to love them also. :) Have you found any good deals lately? Leave a comment, Baby and I love a good bargain!