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How do I become a better writer? Some people say, “Read, Read, Read.” Then they will say, “Write, write, write.” Is that true? Being a great writer cannot be that easy. I read magazines and books all the time and I am green with envy when I read something that blows me away. I believe myself to be pretty creative, and I have taken two english courses in college, both of which I did pretty well in. I am not sure if that really counts though, do I need to take a creative writing course instead? Both of my english professors seemed to just be going by the book and in my opinion did not really challenge us to write well.

There are so many blogs out there with authors who are parents, pet owners, family chefs, etc. and can write well also. Pretty much they are Martha Stewart’s who blog. I think being a parent is time-consuming enough, then to add a great blog on top of that. My question is, where do you find the time? I am still trying to learn time management as a parent because I have other hobbies also. I would like to blog about the great books I read, and the funny things Baby does, and so on but how do I reel you in and make you feel what I am trying to write?

I want people to read: Baby lovingly shared her binky with Dog Boy, I thought that is so sweet of her to share and then I realize after he licks that binky it will go right back in her mouth so I freak out because now she has dog cooties, but Baby and Dog Boy are happy as clams – and want to read more about Baby and Dog Boy. I guess I will just have to be more patient with my writing and hope one day someone will tell me, “hey that was pretty good!” If you have tips, PLEASE share, let me know how I can write better. Thank you for reading. :)