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Now that I am a mom, I am trying to adjust to not having as much time for myself. The thing is, I started to wonder, where does the time go? Am I wasting time doing silly things when I could be doing more productive things? Am I moving at turtles pace? If the average person is supposed to get eight hours of sleep a night, then you should have 16 hours left to do things during the day. I feed the baby about five or six times a day and with diapers changes before and/or after, that would take about five or six hours off my time which leaves me 10 hours. I clean my house once a week and do laundry every other day. As long as I keep up with dishes, they only take me about 15 minutes to wash every day. I am not a huge fan of cooking, so I don’t cook anything that is time-consuming. I feel like my time is like the money in the bank, you blink and it’s gone. You know it was there at some point, but it never lasts.

For the most part, I have gotten to the point were baby and I are in a routine now. She takes naps at a certain time everyday, so she does give me breaks to do other things besides entertain her. I knew when I became a mom I would not have as much time to do the things I like to do, but does laundry, house cleaning, dishes, and errands really take up all the rest of my time? I have piles of magazines sitting around the house waiting to be read. I have at least 10 books that I thought I would be able to read now that I am home all the time, but when I thought about it, I never have the chance to say, “well what do I do now?”. Even finding time to blog is not easy. I usually have a squirming baby sitting in my lap, and even then she usually gets bored and starts to fuss so I have to continue later. The only time I really get to myself is right before bed when I am trying to wind down, I get my puzzle book or even a magazine and try to read before bed and it never fails, my husband is complaining that the light is bright and I should go to sleep. That’s why I have no time, because really I have two babies and one is a grown man. Great.