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Did not get to post yesterday or the day before. Had a weird weekend. I have still been exhausted from the baby getting up at night. I took a nap saturday which made me feel a little better, but then we stayed up late so that put me back again. So then I took a nap again sunday and I feel more rested. I have been a little depressed lately because I keep dreaming about my dog who died almost a year ago. Every other day I wake up from a strange dream about her. At least I get to see her alive in my dreams, but it makes me sad in the morning when I wake up.

Baby is also too smart for her own good. She is now doing the thing where she wants to be held all the time and cries if you put her down. Mostly she does it at night, so for the past few nights she has cried herself to sleep. The will of a baby is actually very strong, she lasts quite a while before she falls asleep. With that and her wanting only me to hold her, she is doing a lot of crying lately.

Also, last night, my husband went to the grocery store and decided to make baked chicken for dinner. He likes to bbq on Sunday, but it rained here all day yesterday so he baked instead. The chicken was really good for it being the first chicken he has ever baked. Well we left the rest of the chicken on the counter after dinner, to let it cool before putting it in the fridge and guess what happened, Shane (dogboy) snatched that chicken right off the counter and was going to town. He never does anything like this, never, but I guess he is still a dog and the chicken smell got the better of him. He must of just started on it when I walked in on him because most of what we had left was still there and he was just licking it. I thought my husband might kill him, but he was so angry he just put Shane outside in the rain. Shane is like a cat, he hates water, so being outside in the rain is actually worse for him than it sounds. He is also not very bright because he has a large dog house outside he could have sat in, but he wanted in so badly he stood in the rain at the back door.

Shane is also doing this annoying thing were he wants me to pretend like I want to eat his dog food, like he has competition for it. I have never done this for him, I don’t know why he started this. I figure he will eat when he is hungry and he is sort of a fatty, so if he does not eat for a day, he is not really starving. So now he runs all over the house looking for me and when I follow him, he runs to his bowl and looks down like I should think he found gold and try to take it. Highly annoying when he does this all day long.

Gotta go grocery shopping. Blah.