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Our Mr. and Mrs. Champagne flutes

Husband and Champagne

For New Years Eve this year, we decided to get champagne. It was just the two of us at home celebrating, but we figured it would be fun to pop the bottle open. We were all excited until we realized we did not have champagne flutes. Bummer. Then I remembered that our wedding stuff was packed in a box somewhere in our garage. So I looked and Tada!, we had champagne flutes! So we did the count down and 5…4…3…2…1…no pop! No pop, no fizz, no nothin. Bummer again. In the picture above there was supposed to be a huge pop of champagne. I guess we did it wrong cause it just plain ol’ opened. My poor husband was disappointed but a little tickled that our glasses said Mr. and Mrs. We will just have to practice because after the pop didn’t work, my husband asked me if I would let him try the knife/champagne bottle trick. Aaaahhhhbsolutely not!