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Well on Tuesday, January 4, our TV died. :( Poor tv. Yes it was a tube tv so it was time for an upgrade according to my husband, but for a tube it was a really nice tv and we got it for free when we got it from a family friend. Since the baby was born I have done pretty good about that New Years Resolution of watching less tv so I could spend more time with her(even better now since we have no tv, im watching zilch.) My husband, on the other hand, is a HUGE football fan. He will countdown to football season and then talk non-stop about football until Superbowl Sunday. He has a few favorite teams and he watches college football too. For our tv to die the week of playoffs is a major blow for him. So after it died, I told my husband to start looking at reasonably priced tv’s. Well being a guy, my husband looks at the tv’s with all the bells and whistles. He was supposed to be getting breakfast this morning and came back an hour later because he stopped to look at tv’s. He told me about one that was a good size for around $300, then he said he found one that did this, this, and this with REALLY good picture and was big. Well how much is that one babe? Um, I think it’s around $900. Nine-hundred American dollars? Are you nuts? I said to look for a reasonably priced tv, and I really meant a CHEAP tv that you can live with. My husband is sort of like a kid, he will describe something to me like it is the greatest thing ever invented in the hopes that I will love this thing as much as he does so he can get it. I can read this guy like a book. I automatically put my ‘Husband-word-translater’ on when he starts to talk, so when he says the tv has this really cool thing on it that enables us to not have to get this extra thing which we would have to spend more money on, that really means the extra price we should be “saving” on is already included in the expensive tv price. Even better, if it is already included with his new fancy tv, he can brag about it to anybody who will listen that his tv has this thing that most tv’s do not have. He is not one to brag about prices, he likes his stuff to be really new with tons of extras that are not included in the average version. He also likes to tell you the reasons why this is the best option and that is why he has it, because it is the best. Only my husband changes his mind a lot and the thing he likes is only the best until the new thing he gets is the best. I knew when our beloved tube tv died, that I was in for a world of trouble. Tv shopping will not be fun for baby and I. Maybe when we finally buy one, I will let him tell you all about it so I don’t have to listen to 10 days of why this tv is THE BEST THING EVER!