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How early do babies start crying when they are being held by someone they don’t see often? I went to see my parents today and my grandmother (baby’s great-grandmother) was there and tried to hold baby twice, but baby would have none of it and screamed until she was passed back to her aunt(my sister). Now, baby doesn’t see my sister that often because she is in school, but I think because we look so much alike that baby loves my sister. So my grandma thinks that baby hates her, but I think baby is just not used to seeing her. Baby also screamed when her other aunt(my sister-in-law) held her a few days ago, but we look nothing alike and again – baby hardly sees her either. Since I cannot convince baby to not cry when great-grandma holds her, how do I convince great-grandma that her great-grandbaby does not hate her? Poor grandma. :(

I think im gonna hit the hay as they say, this day has been very long. Speaking of hay, if baby lets me sleep tonight – I will buy her a pony! Shame on me already trying to bribe my kid to let me sleep. Boy am I tired. ZZzzzzzzzz.