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Baby's Butterfly Mobile

Mobile – baby’s view
This is the mobile I decided to make for baby. I wanted something more original than what is found in stores. I got this idea from BabyMakingMachine’s blog, but I changed a few things. The butterflies were made out of scrapbook paper. Yes, I drew and cut out all of them by myself. I strung the butterflies up on fishing line so they would look more like they are floating than on beading wire. I did put little bells on the end of each string, but it doesn’t get going fast enough for them to jingle. All of the strings are attached to an embroidery hoop(the part without the tightener on it) I painted pink. Then I strung up crystal beads to hold it to a ring which is on a chain that hangs from the ceiling. It does not twirl on its own or play music, but it’s pretty and she likes it. :)