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top journal #1, bottom photography journal from hs

I am a journal person. I have been since I met my first boyfriend in highschool. What I mean by that is, when he was my boyfriend there was drama in my life so I started writing everything down to deal with silly highschool nonsense. At first it made me feel better to get stuff out, then it turned into an obsession. I decorated the front and back(also became an obsession) and started adding little things inside from places that I had been. I also starting writing dates so I could look back and laugh at the “me” at that time. These journals have gone with me everywhere I go. Every boyfriend I’ve had has known about it, and warned not to read it. The only one who ever has is my husband, and he told me he wished he hadn’t cause he got mad about something I wrote. He was warned.

top #2, bottom #3

I write about everything in my journals, angry, happy, sad, exciting, and scary moments. I also used to draw when I was bored, and put pictures from magazines or pictures I took of things I liked at the time. As I said before, I decided to decorate the front of these journals. A regular comp notebook is sort of boring. Usually the fronts and backs are black and white, but they are starting to make them in different colors and designs now. I wanted my journal to reflect me on the outside too. It is a very long process which is why this type of collage has to be an obsession to get it finished.

 I also love magazines which is what I use for all my journal covers. I used to subscribe to Cosmo, Glamour, Women’s Health, and Marie Claire. (I now get Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Parents, Parenting, and Good Housekeeping). If you would like to try to make this sort of collage, this is what you have to do:

  • Cut interesting pictures or colors out of magazines. These are for your background. They can be any shape and size. The color is up to you, depending on how you want your background to look. I have always done all sorts off colors and patterns. The example I have is the inside back cover of my current journal. I did my name on top of the background but it is the best example I have. In that background there is a flower, part of a snake, water, part of a dress and other colors.
  • Glue your background pieces on however you like. I don’t cover the spine of my comp notebook, but that is an option. Next, you have to go through magazines, news papers, anything with words or pictures you like. I put sayings, small articles, comics from the newspaper, and little words that make me laugh. I recommend not putting pictures of boyfriends or girlfriends, cause as much as you like them now, you may not in the future. I also have pictures of celebs that I like or movies that I think are funny. Pictures of your doggie, kitty, or babies are good too. Just think of things you will not get sick of looking at after a year.
  • After you have collected a bunch of words, pics, etc, its time to put them on your notebook. NO GLUE YET! Arrange them different ways. Or all one way. Whichever you like. I put mine sideways, up and down, and straight just because I think it looks more interesting. Play with the words for a while until you have a bunch on there the way you like them. It is up to you how many you want and how much background you would like to show. If you think your background is pretty neat, leave a bit of space in between your words/pics. I usually jam as many words/pics I can onto my covers.
  • Now you should have everything arranged. Bring out the glue sticks! You can use removable double-sided tape if you’re not sure you like your layout yet, but it is harder to use on small pieces.
  • Once you have everything glued, Mod Podge your cover, let it dry, and your done! Now take a picture and send it to me so I can see! :) Then start filling up your journal with lots of juicy stuff!

inside back cover of current journal

the one I currently write in

I will admit sometimes it is tough to remember to right when your life gets sorta busy. My current journal is pretty on the outside, but I am disappointed with the inside. I have had this current journal for two years because I have not written in it every day or every other day. There is a lot of good/bad/crazy/fun times missing in this journal. During the time I have had it I have gotten married, gone to Cali, lost my puppy dog, and had a baby! Many details of my life that I did not write down. So try to keep up better with it, then I have. I think that will be my New Years resolution. Well anyway, enjoy my silly journals. If you don’t, remember, to each his/her own. :)