Mexico/Honeymoon stop on cruise

This is my Happy Place. A Happy Place is where you go when you need a break. You envision yourself there. You can use mine if you need to. Pretend you are having a crap day, when all of a sudden you go to your happy place – the sky is blue, the weather is sunny and warm, the sand is hot so you have flipflops on(hehe), and the water is crystal clear. There are no worries or cares here! Don’t worry about getting sunburned, you already have sunscreen on silly. Think you’re too chubby for the beach, don’t think about that! Fish don’t judge. Now sharks, they judge, but no sharks here so dont worry! Just you and the beach and a margarita if you like. Also, your best friendy can be there too, but only if they are not annoying.

After you have pictured all this, your bloodpressure should have gone down a little and you can get back to your crap day, a little refreshed. Your welcome!

This picture was taken by me in cozomel, mexico on our honeymoon. This is my Happy Place because i was here with my best friend/Husband and as you can see it was very beautiful at this beach. You may only borrow my Happy Place, do not steal it! thanks. :)